Evaluating Alonso

July 08, 2011

For at least the second time in the past several months you have asked readers their opinion of the job city schools CEO Andres Alonso is doing — and for the second time I am asking why you feel the need to do this.

Mr. Alonso just accepted a four-year contract to continue as head of Baltimore City Public Schools, despite the enormous challenges presented by that position. He undoubtedly could have found an easier job with better pay, but he chose to stay in Baltimore to finish the job he started.

Baltimore City is fortunate to have a person of Mr. Alonso's capability and dedication. To ask your readers, most of whom are probably not city residents, to evaluate him makes no sense at all.

Mr. Alonso deserves our gratitude — not a non-scientific poll indicating public uncertainty or dissatisfaction. The Sun accomplishes nothing with meaningless polls that do nothing but harm or offend.

Lisa Pintzuk

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