Council permits tax bills to rise while economy struggles

July 08, 2011

After reviewing my 2011 real property tax bill, I see an increase in the amount of tax I am being assessed resulting from a reduction in the homestead tax credit by 5 percent. This automatic annual increase will continue each year until my homestead tax credit is eliminated.

Why hasn't the Howard County Council addressed this issue and eliminated this automatic annual increase in real property taxes until the economy improves? As a retired senior citizen I haven't seen an increase in income for two years, but I must continue paying more taxes for the same services.

Some County residents are "underwater" on their homes, but their mortgage payments will increase. Some are looking for work, and many others are just trying to make ends meet. But, our County Council still takes more out of our pockets. I can't wait for election day. Shame on them.

Joe Slattery

West Friendship

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