Neighborhood residents' concerns should be addressed regarding creation of recreation area

July 08, 2011

We are residents of Maple Avenue in Catonsville.

We have recently become aware of dialogue and actions that are in the process of occurring, regarding the purchase and development by Baltimore County/NeighborSpace of 10-11 acres of land at the end of our street, currently owned by Baltimore City.

In light of the significant impact an outdoor recreation area would have on the residents of Maple Avenue, we have documented concerns, issues and salient points in the attached document, sent to Councilman Tom Quirk.

We appreciate consideration of this information as you formulate plans regarding the possible acquisition and utilization of the Sawmill Branch acres.

We ask that residents of Maple Avenue be kept apprised of further dialogue and be included in any plans or meetings regarding this property and our street.

Bruce and Eileen Leaman


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