July 8: Be a little better, Leo

July 08, 2011|By Scopes by Omarr | Tribune Media Services

Cancer 06.21-07.21
You won't get accolades at work unless you do more than is expected of you. You won't receive trustworthy advice from others, so rely upon your own judgment.

Leo 07.22-08.22
Small flaws could be pointed out that might undermine your confidence. Take little criticisms to heart and try to do just a little bit better to please others.

Virgo 08.23-09.22
The fickle finger of fate can’t fiddle with your finances without your consent. Where your piggy bank is concerned it is smart to hang on to your pennies.

Libra 09.23-10.22
A difference of opinion where money or values is concerned might become intense. This is not a good time to make someone jealous in order to get attention.

Scorpio 10.23-11.21
Acting on a whim by asking someone out to dinner, accepting a dare or making a spur-of-the-moment purchase might be regretted tomorrow.

Sagittarius 11.22-12.21
You feel the pressure of being between a rock and hard place. Those in charge may overlook your mistakes if you agree with their philosophy or ideas.

Capricorn 12.22-01.19
The Great and Powerful Oz was not much of a challenge once revealed to be a small man behind a curtain. Not everyone is as idealistic as you are.

Aquarius 01.20-02.18
See what card the other guy plays before you play your own. Your competitiveness is high but honesty is low. Focus on avoiding controversy and commitments.

Pisces 02.19-03.20
Voice your own opinions in a way that is pleasing to others. It is time to adopt a philosophy based on experience and the concrete lessons of the real world.

Aries 03.21-04.19
You might best prove your worth by having letters after your name, a certificate or a diploma. Do not begin anything of major significance now.

Taurus 04.20-05.20
Someone might be a bit jealous of your success and aim to take you down a notch. Accept grouchiness, aggravations or criticism with good grace.

Gemini 05.21-06.20
Don't let a competitive spirit prevent you from appreciating peacemaking efforts. Your desire to own the best things in life can make you careless with your cash.

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