Over-blown reaction to crime? Sun is an offender, too

July 07, 2011

How hypocritical of editorialists at The Sun — whose "Light For All" could easily be swapped for "If It Bleeds, It Leads" — for excoriating its audience in its editorial regarding public reaction to the July 4th violent incidents at the Inner Harbor ("Inner Harbor fireworks," July 6).

A newspaper that pays its reporters to tweet in near real-time any and all crime they can uncover in Baltimore, and that allows, if not encourages, inflammatory and often bigoted commentary in its reader forums, and that periodically takes to publishing a body count box, has a sudden and newly-found perspective to admonish readers that things are not nearly as bad as they once were? Please. One hopes the writers feel that much better for the exercise — even if no one else does.

Christopher S. Cropper, Baltimore

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