Loss of city recreational alternatives hits black community

July 07, 2011

Once again. African-Americans and poor people are the victims of politics. First, they closed the pool in Druid Hill Park on weekdays. It was only open on the weekend until late June so children who can't afford to go to swim clubs had to suffer. Next, they combined Stone Soul Picnic with the African-American Festival. They have also moved the Caribbean Festival out of Druid Hill Park.

The sad part about what's been happening is that it's coming under the watch of an African-American mayor. Does Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have any idea about the changes that are going on under her administration? Does she really care?

So let's recap. No swimming on weekdays in the park in June at a pool predominately utilized by black people. No more Stone Soul Picnic in Druid Hill Park, an event supported by black people, and no more Caribbean Festival either.

Makes you want to go hmmm, what's really going on here?

Ankoma Jelani, Baltimore

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