On balance, anti-smoking drug worth the risk

July 07, 2011

I wish to comment on the article about the anti-smoking drug Chantix ("Stop-smoking pill called risky," July 5). It says that it is risky to healthy smoking middle-aged people. But I happen to know there are those who don't suffer from these side effects and are middle aged smokers. If the drug helps people stop smoking, then in my opinion the risk is worth it!

People who smoke started taking risks the moment they picked up their first cigarette. I wish that the reporter had mentioned more success stories about the drug than non-success stories. Negative stories are more influential to readers and that should be counteracted with more positive accounts. I know for a fact there have been success stories!

People should know there's a big risk in not taking a stop-smoking pill. Cigarettes aren't cool. They cause death and pain and suffering! No one should start smoking in the first place, and now the Johns Hopkins study is saying there may be other health issues? Considering how helpful it's been in getting people to stop smoking, Chantix is still something I would choose to take if I had ever started smoking.

Aaron Scott,Linthicum

The writer is a 15-year-old member of Boy Scout Troop 550.

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