Loch Raven hiker says give me a hunter over a biker

July 07, 2011

The recent letter by Anne Roberts ("Loch Raven needs rules, but not deer hunters" June 28) was mind boggling. Yes, of course, we need to abide by the rules in order to preserve our drinking water and for safety reasons.

Regarding the survey of residential properties adjacent to Loch Raven that found half of the respondents had negative experiences with hunters and hunting, I have not had one negative experience with hunters through decades of hiking in numerous states. I am a hike leader for the Community College of Baltimore County and have had negative experiences with mountain bikers each time I have led a group of hikers as well as when I hike alone. Give me a hunter over a biker.

Early in my college career I learned not to just state a problem but to instead give alternative solutions. Ms. Roberts stated "more emphasis on other ways to manage deer and promote forest growth, aside from hunting, need to be taken seriously and fully implemented" does not say anything. Specifically, what are her reasonable solutions to the problem? We do not know.

Adrienne Shriner, Baltimore

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