Why should everyone be thrown by one-day holiday?

July 07, 2011

As I drove through my neighborhood full of recycling bins on Wednesday, July 6, our regular recycling pickup day, I began to wonder why we use a "slide" schedule during holiday weeks. Due to the July 4 Holiday our trash and recycling pickup days were moved back a day. Judging by the volume of recycling bins in the street it was apparent that my fellow citizens were unaware of that.

Why inconvenience every resident in Howard County when only a small percentage have their pickup day interrupted by a holiday? Why not stick to the regular schedule and, if your pickup day falls on a holiday, simply have those residents delay their trash or recycling one day? What do we benefit from the "slide" schedule that impacts everyone and seems to confuse many, versus simply "sliding" one day for those directly impacted by a holiday?

David DeGeorge


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