Saving spots to see Catonsville parade also impedes pedestrians

July 07, 2011

Catonsville has a long tradition of allowing chairs to be placed along the parade route, reserving places for attendees.

Many people think that this is a fun thing to do.

Witnessing several unsafe occurrences on July 2 prompted me to write.

I was a patron in Jennings Cafe and could see through the window at least eight chairs lined up at the curb in front of the entrance to the restaurant.

I observed three women stumble over one of the chairs.

An elderly man and woman, using walkers, were escorted to their family's car by way of the driveway because the chairs blocked the sidewalk.

One of the concerned waitresses attempted to move the chairs.

But they were not lightweight and were heavily laced together with rope.

The chairs were labeled "Bill's Music House." This seemed odd, as there were no such chairs in front of this establishment.

Is this "fun" tradition really safe and appropriate?

Toni Staub

Woodstock, formerly of Catonsville

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