Police can't do it alone

July 07, 2011


I am so sorry if the recent letter writer Ms. Bekker took offense to my statement regarding my observance of the "new breed" in Edgewood.

As an activist of the community it does not bother me in the slightest to do periodic checks of the community and its new residents and their behaviors.

The police cannot do it alone. We cannot sit in the comfort of our homes and sit idly by while newer, younger, more brazen and more dangerous breeds move in to destroy the somewhat tranquility from numerous murders that we have had for the past year and half.

I am not trying to paint a bad picture of Edgewood. Quite the opposite. I love Edgewood and Harford County. Edgewood was, and still is, my "American Dream" town dating to when I moved here in 1985.

Although I am not originally from Maryland, my son's blood is still ingrained on a street in Edgewood and will remain my hometown forever. I did not make my statement or ask the question to the media at-large. I made it to the community and the Sheriff's Office to make people aware of their surroundings. I do not want Edgewood to be depicted as the Gunsmoke of Harford County. I am trying to avoid that.

Edgewood is a beautiful town with beautiful people and children. Certain areas are causing the problems and those are the areas that I watchdog to make sure it doesn't spread like the cancer it is. I could use some help in policing the community. We need to be the eyes and ears attuned to keep Edgewood and the county safe. May God bless Edgewood, Joppatowne, Harford County and America

Mildred M. Samy


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