A rundown of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival

Seven plays make up this year's event

July 07, 2011

Here's a look at the 2011 Baltimore Playwrights Festival:

•"The Sculptress" by Marilyn Millstone. The former mistress of famed sculptor Rodin is visited in an insane asylum by a young female artist who tries to rekindle a creative spark. Friday through July 31 at Fells Point Corner Theatre, 251 S. Ann St. 410-276-7837, fpct.org.

•"Web of Deceit" by Colin Riley. Mia is attracted to the online world; her roommate, Keysha, controls the computer. Both women are jolted by the arrival of Keysha's internet buddy. Friday through July 16 at Red Branch Theater Company, 9130 Red Branch Road, Suite I, Columbia. redbranchtheatre.com.

•"Self, Inc." by J-F Bibeau. An unsociable accountant builds a time machine. He is visited by a future version of himself and gets wrapped up in an effort to save his company. Produced by Theatrical Mining Company July 14-31 at Le Clerc Hall, College of Notre Dame, 4701 N. Charles St. 410-710-8166, originalplays.com/tmc.

•"Unraveled on the Gravel" by Kevin Kostic. A musical set on the Jersey Shore involving a "compulsive" hitchhiker and his girlfriend. Aug. 4-21 at Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre, 817 St. Paul St. 410-752-1225, spotlighters.org.

•"Abraham & Isaac" by Steve Schulze. A man with a history of violence is interrogated after a high school shooting. Produced by Theatrical Mining Company Aug. 11-28 at Le Clerc Hall, College of Notre Dame.

•"Asking Questions" by Nancy Murray. A woman and her daughter face painful questions about the past. Aug. 12-28 at Fells Point Corner Theatre.

•"Zulu Fits" by Alonzo LaMont. Teen sisters want to help free a black political prisoner. Produced by Heralds of Hope Theatre Company Aug. 18 to Sept. 4 at Loads of Fun, 120 North Ave. 410-997-3997, heraldsofhopetheater.com.

Tim Smith

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