Welcome to the new Midnight Sun, now with fewer Vampire Weekend jokes

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July 07, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

This is the new home of Midnight Sun.

The move to a new URL is part of a newsroom-wide switch to a new publishing system. Baltimore Diner has already done it, and so has Z on TV. Eventually, all of the paper's blogs will upgrade as well. 

Movable Type was a perfectly good platform, but not the dinosaur one we've been using, which was like blogging with a typewriter. But the benefits of switching over will be imperceptible to readers.

For readers, the most obvious change will be the blog's layout, which will be cleaner and more uniform. Posts will also be more easily shared on social media.

The new system, though, does have some kinks. To comment, readers will now have to register with baltimoresun.com. FAQ about registration can be found here. It's a fairly standard, and simple process, even commenter @foo should manage.

Also, after a month, the old Midnight Sun archives will disappear. Tech support hasn't yet figured out a way to preserve the archives.

However, by then, old Midnight Sun posts should be completely accessible through Wayback Machine, which has begun crawling the old blog at my request.

Here's a list of other things the new blog won't do: deliver the weather, be appalled or comforted by the Casey Anthony verdict, make jokes about Anthony Weiner, put up missing duck posters.

Beyond that, it's business as usual. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. 

The photo? Shot by Flickr user @joesoriero and added to the blog's flickr pool. To contribute, click here.

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