Rick Perry's nasty birthday present for George W. Bush

July 06, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

It's President George W. Bush's birthday and what does he get? 

Not an awesome new mountain bike or a sweet new baseball glove or even a cool new set of gopher traps

No, instead all he gets is a big story in the New York Times in which current Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry accuses him of being a liberal

"In recent years, Mr. Perry has broken politically with Mr. Bush, questioning his credentials as a fiscal conservative, accusing him of going on “a big-government binge," the Times' story says. 

I don't know where you're from, but in Texas, those sound like fighting words. 

But it gets worse: “George Bush was never a fiscal conservative — never was,” Perry is quoted as saying, “I mean, ’95, ’97, ’99, George Bush was spending money.”

Bush is being accused of abusing his executive power by spending money?! Ouch! Perry really knows how to spot a liberal in disguise. Everyone knows that governments are supposed to tax the citizens and then just sit on the money and not spend it on silly things like roads, schools, police or the military. 

C'mon, Gov. Perry: Is this any way to treat our former president on his birthday? 

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