Illegal immigrants can go to college — on their own dime

July 05, 2011

Dan Rodricks has admonished those who oppose Maryland's new law providing in-state college tuition rates to illegal immigrants ("Immigrants: We detest them – and need them," June 30). He points out that the hard, cheap labor provided by illegal immigrants saves citizens money on fruit and vegetable prices.

But has Mr. Rodricks considered the ballooning tax burden on citizens in order to pay for the social service programs that have swelled because of this huge influx of illegal immigrants?

Many American families cannot get their own children into colleges and most of those who do are burdened with large loans that must be repaid. Many delay their degrees until they have earned enough to pay their own way.

My own children tended bar and waited tables to help pay their tuition. We need to take care of our own first. No one says undocumented immigrants cannot attend college, only that we do not intend to help pay their tuition.

I will gladly pay more for fruits and vegetables if the expensive social programs are overhauled and made available only to deserving American citizens — and the tax burden is lightened because of it.

Joan Howe, Annapolis

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