Police open house a learning experience

July 05, 2011

Recently, I participated, observed, and learned from the Baltimore Police Department.

For the past few weeks, I had seen notices about a Community Safety Day that was to be held at the Police Training Facility on Northern Parkway and Park Heights Avenue on Sunday, June 26.

So I went.

It was a very interesting afternoon, especially to see the different equipment, vehicles, supplies that are available to the police in its job of not only protecting Baltimore citizens but also in teaching safety in all areas.

Police cadets and officers were on hand to guide the various activities. There was an obstacle course, climbing wall, etc., as well as the many vehicles and equipment which are used on a daily basis. All the vehicles were open for inspection, and useful information was available indoors.

In fact, a police helicopter landed during the afternoon.

Most of the people who were there came with children. I came by myself as did a few other adults. As can be imagined, the children were climbing and jumping on various trucks, ambulance, hazardous materials vehicles, etc. While having fun, they were also learning.

My compliments to whomever planned this afternoon. It was an excellent opportunity for the community to see police personnel, including cadets as they all go about their very important task of protecting and educating the community.

Rena Rotenberg, Baltimore

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