Glenn Beck: A patriot and an American hero

July 05, 2011

The Sun owes a huge apology to Fox News' Glenn Beck for describing him as reckless, nasty, dark and tearful ("Glenn Beck, Fox end dark, nasty cable era today," June 30). Is that how you treat patriotic Americans who love this country?

Glenn Beck has never done anything terrible, dark, reckless or nasty. All Glenn Beck did was report the truth that the rest of you guys are either unwilling or afraid to report.

We freedom loving, patriotic Americans who watched his wonderful television show know that Glenn Beck is honest, truthful and patriotic. He may be a little crazy at times, but he is passionate and he loves this country.

Sure he is at times tearful, and we love him for that because he shows real emotion. Just because he happens to be the only brave person in media today and uncovers the truth does not make him reckless, nasty or dark.

I am sickened by your untruthful reporting, and I am not going to take the lies and propaganda anymore.

Susan Skelton-Fleming

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