Sun coddles bureaucrats and illegal immigrants

July 04, 2011

I must say that I'm impressed with The Sun and the great wages it obviously must pay its employees.

We have Michael Dresser who, for the last two weeks, has written several articles telling us how it's just dandy and about time that Maryland raised the tolls for all us poor folk. Never mind that most of these bridges and tunnels have been paid for several times over.

What Mr. Dresser or some adventurous journalist should be doing is to finding out just how much money these tolls amount to, and then how much of that ends up paying for administrative bureaucracy. The bureaucrats seem to have nobody to answer to, according to his articles, and they can raise the tolls anytime they want. How ironic that only last year Mr. Dresser castigated Delaware for its exorbitant tolls.

Then there's Dan Rodricks telling us that illegal aliens -- excuse me, "undocumented people" -- are good for the country because they keep food prices down. He seems to think that migrant workers who pick the crops are all illegal aliens, which is not the case. The majority of migrant workers are people who are here legally and have green cards. Just go to the Eastern Shore and check out the crab pickers and their visas.

Mr. Rodricks also notes the Social Security contributions and taxes illegal aliens pay and subsequently don't collect. Since they are working in low-paying jobs, I doubt much money goes into the U.S. Treasury. However, all the illegal immigrants attending our schools and using enormous resources from welfare to medical care are never mentioned. Just ask the governor ofCalifornia.

I know politicians today don't listen to their constituents but rather to the lobbyists. Our elected leaders don't know the meaning of the word illegal.

Now you know why this country is going down the tubes.

David W. Crosby, Catonsville

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