Save money by cutting state employee holidays

July 03, 2011

With all of the talk of how Maryland is trying to raise new revenue, why doesn't the state government look in the mirror? I work in the private sector and I get seven paid days off. But according to the Maryland state government website, state employees get an additional four paid holidays.

I'm not sure how many employees the state has, but the money saved by not allowing those days off seems like it would be substantial.

I understand that Presidents' Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Veterans Day should be celebrated, but I don't understand why state employees should be given those days off. As for Columbus Day, why must we celebrate someone who discovered the Caribbean only by accident?

Furthermore, if you really want to make people learn about the presidents, veterans and activists who helped shape this country, keep the schools open and change the curriculum to teach about their accomplishments on those days.

Scott Jahnigen

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