Are the Orioles the cursed ones now?

July 02, 2011

I am having a disturbing recurring thought about the plight of the Baltimore Orioles. If Buck Showalter is not the appointed savior of this franchise, then who is?

Orioles fans are preparing for yet another season of mediocrity as the dog days of the season approach. A major achievement for this team would be playing .500 ball. Game attendance is waning as local sports fans anxiously await the beginning of the NFL pre-season.

Most Baltimoreans know the history of the Camden Yards area. Babe Ruth's father once was the proprietor of a saloon in what is now right field.

Could it be that after the Boston Red Sox won two world series, the dreaded "curse of the Bambino" has been relocated to the Babe's hometown?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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