Cause of our nation's problems: Misinformed voters

July 01, 2011

If one wants to find the root cause for our nation's problems, one has to look no further than the misinformed American voters. Alarms should be sounding to alert us that many voters — many voters — have no idea how this nation is run and only care about the numbers on their mailboxes.

When I would ask my Democratic friends their opinions on what Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin said yesterday, the answer was unanimous: "I refuse to listen to that tripe!" Well then how do they know what is happening in the "street?"

Discussing politics with a conservative Republican is like talking to a seventy-five-year old Roman Catholic about the one true religion. The cathedral for the conservatives is Fox News!

How many voters listen and watch the president's news conferences and Saturday chats? How many Democrats take a peek at Fox News, and other media, to balance their partisan views? When do you hear a Republican commenting on the good points of helping the poor? Only from the pulpit on Sunday.

It is time for the media, et. al., to start pointing the finger at the real cause of our problems: the selfish Americans who think only of themselves and have the power to vote!

John Holter, Baltimore

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