Appreciation for efforts by Arbutus Ravens Roost

July 01, 2011

I want to thank Ravens Roost 97 for their wonderful help in raising money on my brother John Schneider's behalf ("Ravens Roost members rally for former member," Arbutus Times, June 8).

They were thorough in contacting friends and businesses to contribute to this fundraiser.

I particularly want to thank Rod Shuh, who was my first contact when I knew John was in financial trouble.

Rod had asked me in the summer of 2009 after John's first medical crisis, a stroke, if we needed a fundraiser. At that time, I told Rod we were doing OK.

When I saw the situation deteriorating, after John's Transverse Myelitis diagnosis, I contacted Rod.

He responded immediately by contacting Tanya Crowl-Gifford, Jim McCain and Jim's wife, Sharon.

Jim, Tanya and Sharon met with me several times to map out a plan. They asked me only to be a contact for John's large family. Other than that role for me, the Ravens Roost ran with planning, publicizing the June 12 event, printing tickets and flyers, all at the roost's expense.

Jim and Sharon McCain, and Tanya were heroic in their efforts to plan location, food, drink and entertainment, as well as preparing baskets from the local community donations for the Chinese auction.

I, also, want to thank the lovely ladies, Mary Carrigan and Diane Parks, who worked so hard preparing for food at the event.

I did not get the names of the bartenders but they, too, worked diligently for the event.

Cooking in the stifling heat (before the thunderstorms hit), the barbecue chefs — Rod Shuh, Timmy Crough and Jim McCain Sr. — outdid themselves in providing the hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken.

The event was wonderful. Many of John's friends and family attended. We had over 200 people celebrating John. It was a great success. The Roost donated 100 percent of the money raised.

John is very grateful to all of his friends, relatives and outsiders who were so kind to donate, time, effort and money.

I, too, as his sister, am extremely grateful for all the kindness and generosity expressed on John's behalf.

Even John's old friend from Mount St. Joseph High School, Mark Wagner, donated back his winnings from the 50-50 raffle.

It is comforting to know that there are so many compassionate and thoughtful people still out there — particularly since John was a public servant/Baltimore County police officer in the community for 32 years.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Carol Shute (for John Schneider)

Silver Spring

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