Enjoy and reflect

July 01, 2011

As a society, there are too many things we take for granted.

Among them is the Fourth of July. Too many folks don't know their history, which makes it easy to take the Fourth of July for granted. This weekend is 235 years since our country's independence was declared at great personal risk by some of the most prominent men of the colonies that one day became these United States. Those risks have continued almost daily since, with the Founding Fathers and all who supported them in the long fight to establish the freedoms they had declared in Philadelphia in 1776, and all our country's wars since.

From Darlington last weekend through Bel Air Monday night with stops in Edgewood, Kingsville and Havre de Grace in between, there are plenty of places to celebrate the birth of our nation. And that doesn't even include the all-important family and friends festivities – parties, picnics and other kinds of reunions – that are a big part of our red, white and blue weekend. It's time for all of us to be Proud To Be An American and time to remember what that means and why people around the world either love us or hate for all of our blessings.

So when you celebrate our nation's independence, do so wisely and responsibly. And remember the Fourth of July holiday isn't just for summer revelry, but also for reflecting on our past that allows us to say and do what we want this weekend, and every other day of the year. Happy Fourth!

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