More TSA stupidity: Stowaway sneaks onto airplane

July 01, 2011

Wait, frisking 6-year-old girls and making wheelchair-bound grandmothers take off their adult diapers isn't the best way to keep airlines safe? How about deciding not to search suspected terrorists? That's not smart either? Who knew? 

The Transportation Security Administration's absurd policy of random pat-downs was made to look silly once again today. CNN is reporting that a man somehow flew cross-country with a fraudulent boarding pass and without a valid ID. When FBI agents arrested Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, they found he had a boarding pass for a different day with someone else's name on it.

It was the flight crew who initially discovered Noibi's deceit, after other passangers complained about his smell. But how did he get through a TSA checkpoint? You know, the one where they check your ID and boarding pass and make sure they match? Was there a baby who needed frisking? Or a paralyzed man they needed to see naked?

Seriously, there are two things this story teaches us: 1) Don't trust smelly people; and 2) the TSA security measures are just silly.

How can they fix it? How about replacing the random pat-downs with, I don't know, some actual police work?

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