Is this still good: Blog posts from the past week that still pass the smell test

June 29, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

A weekly round-up of juicy bits from food and dining blogs. Some of these I twittered as they appeared. You can follow my tweets on this page, in the box at the right. I posted a few of them on the new Baltimore Diner facebook page.

1.) The story about the Taiwanese blogger who was sued for her negative review was everywhere. Here's a good account in the Wall Street Journal. Yelpers debated it (Eater)

2.) Are fries to blame? Marion Nestle weighs in on the recent New England Journal of Medicine study that concluded that "specific dietary and lifestyle factors are independently associated with long-term weight gain." Specifically, French fries. (Food Politics)

3.) Undeterred, Michelle Obama confesses her love of French fries to a Capetown audience, admitting "I can’t stop eating them." (Obama Foodorama)

4.) And Nestle contemplates Perdue's new USDA Process-Verified label. "It's hard not to be sarcastic about this sort of thing. And to wonder why the USDA needs to do this." (Food Politics)

5.) A study in the Journal of Consumer Research says that paying in cash can keep you healthy. (Scientific American)

6.) A new Tumblr blog named The Bad Deal  is stirring things up. The blog posts about bad social deal sites and bad offers. It's strong stuff. (via Eater)

7.) New York City has been harrying food trucks from Midtown. According to the New York Times, the recent clamp-down is a result of a ruling that reinforces an obscure regulation prohibiting vending from metered parking spaces. Sounds like it's time for an SRB-style clemency, which appears to be working fine in Baltimore.

8.) I liked looking at, and loved thinking about, this weekday cioppino post on Adryon's Kitchen

9.) Eli reviewed S'getti Eddie's on Adventures of a Koodie and was featured in a Baltimore Sun Taste section profile.

10) Rachel Rappaport posted a recipe for Plum Rainier Cherry Butter on Coconut & Lime. I find mysefl angry half the day that I don't have any.

11.) Duff Goldman hates cupcakes. (Eater)

12.) The third and last Soul Daddy restaurant closed. Read Bob Swank's prescient Lost Recaps here. (Eater)

13.) And, I thought you might like this round-up of baffling, incoherent or risible CAPTCHA bloopers (Daily WTF)

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