Rand Paul calls TSA 'clueless' over random pat-downs

June 23, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

One of our country's most ridiculous initiatives is the system of random pat-downs employed by TSA workers at airports. 

They almost inevitably produce nonsensical results, such as 6-year-old girls getting frisked, while suspects on the federal government's terrorist watch list board the plane freely. 

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) yesterday grilled Transportation Security Administration Chief John Pistole over the absurdity of this pat-down system, calling Pistole and his policies "clueless." 

"You've gone overboard and you're missing the boat on terrorism 'cause you're doing these invasive searches on 6-year-old girls," Paul said of the searches, which he asserted are "random and not based on risk assessment."

Paul then showed images of a young girl from his state being frisked.  

"It makes me think you're clueless if you think she's going to attack our country," he told Pistole. "... I think you ought to get rid of the random pat-downs. The American public is unhappy with them."

Paul added that the random searches should be replaced with intelligent searches based on police work, so that suspects on the terrorist watch list don't board planes undetected as they have in the past.  

"We need to be doing better police work," Paul said.  

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