Video: Royals fan catches foul ball in popcorn bucket

June 07, 2011|By Matt Vensel

In case you missed it, Kevin Cowherd wrote a column for Monday’s newspaper on proper fan etiquette at Camden Yards. To sum it up, don’t drop your kid if a ball is hit to you. Don’t throw elbows and box out someone else’s kid to catch a foul ball. And whatever you do, don’t ever bring your baseball glove to the ballpark if you are legally old enough to drive yourself there. All no-brainers, right?

But I would like to make one amendment to Cowherd’s list: If a fly ball is hit toward your seat, it is totally acceptable use a popcorn bucket to catch it like this Kansas City Royals fan did on Monday.

It might not be as manly as catching it with your bare hand -- wearing jorts and a tank top will help compensate for that -- but you will score points with old guys wearing Tommy Bahama shirts.

Of course, catching it in your beer is even more impressive, but you’ll be hard-pressed to top this nonchalant grab.

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