NFL lockout: Here's what the judge should have done

June 06, 2011

I believe the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals missed a great opportunity that would have ended the NFL strike ("Settle it yourself, judge advises," June 4).

Ray Lewis has done his best "Judgment Day" Harold Camping impersonation by predicting violence on game day if this lockout doesn't end while the Steelers' William Gay has taken to Facebook to ask who in their right mind would take a 15 percent pay cut. The NFL product has the luxury of not fearing a recession, foreclosure, pay cuts or furloughs like many of us in the real world.

With that said it would have been nice if Judge Kermit Bye would have recommended that the two sides negotiate for two more weeks and whatever monies are left on the table would be credited back to fans through season or single game ticket price reductions, merchandise or cheaper DirecTV package costs. It would be a way of giving back to the fans in what is likely to be a double dip recession like Nascar has over the past few years. I bet the owners and players would get a deal done inside a week rather then see the fans benefit.

Michael Tuminello, Abingdon

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