County should do more for Bynum Run Park wildlife

June 01, 2011


I just wanted to send you this e-mail to let you know of a newsworthy event that took place over the weekend.

I frequently go to Bynum Run Park as my son enjoys visiting the ducks and geese there. We were there Saturday evening (May 21) and we noticed that someone had abandoned four small (possibly a month old) Pekin ducks. We knew that they had been left there as we go to this park frequently and they had never been there before. We also could tell because they came right to us and they appeared scared by the other geese and appeared to be scared of their new surroundings. I wish I had rescued them then, but at that point I didn't know what to do.

I went home and found a Maryland wildlife rehabilitator online and sent them an email. They wrote me back and told me I should try and rescue them as they would surely not survive. I wasn't able to go back until the next day and by then, there were only three left and when we arrived, there were hawks flying around and one had an injury on it's back and a black bird was pecking at it. Luckily, when they saw us, they came right to us and we were able to pick them all up and take them with us. I was going to wait for the wildlife rehabilitator to contact me to help me find a home for them but we were passing the Bel Air Veterinarian office on Tollgate and we saw cars there. They were there (This was Sunday and they are normally closed) feeding the dogs in the kennel, and we told them about the ducks we had. They came right outside with one of the vets and they were true angels because they said they would take them and keep them there to live outside where they have several ducks and geese or live with one of the vets who has a farm. I was so happy because I knew they would also be able to help the one who was injured. They should be commended for their actions and I think they are a truly caring vet practice.

I would also like to add that I think that it's a horrible thing that people abandon their ducks like that, assuming they will be able to survive.

If they researched it, they would have found that domesticated ducks should not be abandoned in a public pond because they most likely will not survive, just as one lost it's life thanks to their uncaring owners who just left them there. I also think the county should post signs telling people NOT to abandon baby ducks here. White Pekin ducks are domesticated and cannot fly and should never be abandoned like that. I also wrote Harford County Executive David R. Craig telling him I continuously find hooks and string that is left at this park all the time by people who fish there. I asked him if the county could put up signs on the piers asking to please take these items with them when they leave as they are dangerous to the wildlife and park visitors.

He didn't bother to acknowledge my email, but I really think it would be an inexpensive thing the county could do to help it's wildlife. I didn't know what else to do, so I started a petition at this link: but it hasn't had too much activity as I don't think too many people even know about that site.

Laure Long


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