Simms believes Flacco can lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl

May 31, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is a polarizing figure in Baltimore -- mainly because he is a quarterback who plays football in Baltimore -- but CBS broadcaster and former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms believes most NFL quarterbacks would be quite pleased with the success Flacco had in his first three pro seasons.

“I’ve watched a lot of film on Joe Flacco over the last three years and I know this, you can probably go around and ask most of the quarterbacks in the NFL, ‘Would you like to have a career start like his has the first three years?’” Simms said last week. “And almost everybody would go, ‘Absolutely.’”

Appearing on “The Ken Weinman Show” on 105.7 The Fan -- a show that I appear on every Wednesday night -- Simms told Ken Weinman and Vinny Cerrato that the Ravens have a franchise quarterback in Flacco.

The Super Bowl XXI MVP said he defines a franchise quarterback as a player who is tough, physically capable of making pretty much every throw and hard-working (something that was questioned last week when NFL Network analyst Jaime Dukes reported that some Ravens players feel that Flacco needs to put in more time).

“I’ve seen improvement in him each year,” Simms said. “I thought this past year, just certain things about him, his poise, his command -- of course we know about his tremendous arm -- but I think he’s moved around and he varied his game a little bit towards the end of the year. If I was a Baltimore Ravens fan, it would give me great hope that he’s going to continue to go upward.”

Simms, who has often covered the Ravens for CBS, answered a question that many Ravens fans have probably asked themselves: Can Flacco, who has led the Ravens to 32 regular-season victories and four playoffs wins and has started every game for them since 2008, eventually lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl title?

“You can win the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco at quarterback. There’s no question,” he said. “Are there limitations? Yeah, there are limitations with just about every quarterback except for Aaron Rodgers. But the Ravens offense, they’ve built it to suit him. I see him do things on film [where] I go, ‘There’s probably about 20 other quarterbacks in the NFL who couldn’t run that play’ because they’re not capable of getting it done like he could. So I think the Ravens are in good hands at the quarterback position for a long time.”

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