Coffee Companion -- 5/31: No title for the Terps, O's lose again

May 31, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Each morning, Monday through Friday, I'll hook you up with reading material to skim through as you slug down coffee and slack off at the start of your workday -- that way I'll have an excuse to do the same at the start of mine. 

Running it back:

Maryland's bid for the NCAA men's lacrosse championship ended Monday with a 9-7 loss to Virginia in the finals. ... The Maryland seniors suffered a difficult end to an emotional final season. ... Starter Jake Arrieta exited early as the Orioles fell to the Mariners, 4-3, for their fourth straight loss. ... The Orioles' much-maligned bullpen has rarely been singled out for praise this season, but it was deserved after Monday's loss. ... The timing of Jim Tressel's resignation at Ohio State is likely tied to upcoming revelations in Sports Illustrated.

Hitting the links:

1. Kevin Cowherd: It's time to apologize for doubting Matt Wieters [Baltimore Sun]

2. This time around, Nolan Reimold is making the most of his opportunity [Camden Depot]

3. Offensive struggles aren't limited to Baltimore [USA Today]

4. Could the Orioles consider trading Jake Fox when Derrek Lee returns from the DL? [Orioles Insider]

5. Bench players should be trained to pitch [Camden Depot]

6. Matt Wieters said the injury to Giants catcher Buster Posey "can happen to anyone" [Baltimore Sun]

7. Appreciating Matt Stover [CSN Baltimore]

8. Is Stover Hall-of-Fame worthy? [MASN]

9. Mike Preston: With something to prove, Virginia found its groove [Baltimore Sun]

10. Maryland’s defense picked the wrong time to post perhaps its worst outing of the season [Faceoff]

11. Looking back on Alex Ovechkin's season [Capitals Insider]

You said it:

"C'mon, everybody is asking which player told Dukes that Flacco isn't putting in enough work. Everybody knows that the veteran receivers feel that way. I guarantee that Mason feels that way. If you hooked Boldin up to a lie detector I know we'd find that he feels the same way. Most important, I'd place all of my chips on the square that says,"the entire defense is in agreement with Dukes". Would any of them ever admit to saying while still a member of the team? Of course not. That wouldn't be good career move." -- reader DavidSpedden believes there is truth to Jaime Dukes' claim that some Ravens think Joe Flacco needs to work harder

Video of the morning:

This guy did a triple back flip on a BMX bike [hat tip to Hot Clicks]

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