Recalling Dream Act not a partisan issue

May 31, 2011

I'm sad the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants issue has taken on a partisan slant ("Carroll, Frederick officials sound off on Dream Act debate," May 28). This is not a Republican or Democrat matter as it impacts every Maryland taxpayer and student, regardless of party affiliation.

The petition challenging the Dream Act, which Gov. Martin O'Malley signed into law, will provide a sizable discount to students residing in our country illegally. If the citizens of Maryland had been better informed, or had at least been less apathetic, they would also challenge this flawed legislation. It is wrong to reward those who have broken the law. The Dream Act is a perfect example of doing just that!

I have no problem with Frederick and Carroll county commissioners utilizing their official letterhead for the petition drive to overturn the Dream Act. Governor O'Malley's largesse is projected to cost Maryland taxpayers $3.5 million by 2016. This makes it an important state issue and rightfully deserving of official correspondence and website communication.

I have signed the petition myself and I am neither a conservative nor a Republican. My reasoning is that some effort must be made by the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore to uphold the laws of the land, especially those relating to immigration.

R.E. Heid, Baltimore

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