Harford police officers honored for 1,321 DUI arrests in 2010

May 31, 2011

The Harford County State's Attorney's Office recently held its annual DUI Enforcement Recognition Awards for the law enforcement officers who have made outstanding DUI, or driving under the influence, arrests in 2010.

State's Attorney Joseph Cassilly presented the awards May 18 in the Ceremonial Courtroom in the courthouse in Bel Air.

During 2010, law enforcement officers made 1,321 arrests for DUI for alcohol or drugs in Harford County, according to Cassilly.

The theme at this year's ceremony was "Outstanding Community Safety… Maintaining Excellence."

"Our officers are highly effective in their efforts to bring safety to the roads of our county," Cassilly said in a press release. "Their actions are responsible for saving many lives and sparing families the devastation caused by drunk drivers."

Cassilly was joined by Harford County Director of Administration Mary Chance, County Councilman Jim McMahan, Lt. Charles Moore of the Maryland State Police, Chief Teresa Walter of Havre de Grace, Chief Leo Matrangola of Bel Air, Col. Greg Carlevaro and Maj. Chris Presberry of the Harford Sheriff's Office.

The law enforcement officers who received the awards are (names followed by an asterisk are previous award recipients):

Maryland State Police – Bel Air Barrack: TFC Jonathan R. Novack, 48 arrests*; TFC Michael J. Bonczewski, 43 arrests; TFC Steven T. Muehl, 40 arrests; TFC John J. Langenfelder, 37 DUI arrests and 25 DRE arrests; Tpr. Michael B. Cornbrooks, 22 arrests; and TFC Jared Monk, 20 arrests *.

Maryland State Police – JFK Highway Barrack: TFC Gerald Askins, 48 arrests*; TFC Justin Updegraff, 31 arrests; TFC Kenny Brown, 34 arrests*; TFC Brian Zeller, 38 arrests*; and TFC Saul Martinez, 26 arrests.

Maryland Transportation Authority: Cpl. Emory Williams, 21 arrests*; Ofc. Gregory Sampson, 26 arrests; Ofc. Andre Fontz, seven DUI arrests and 21 DRE arrests*; and Ofc. Timothy Howell, five arrests.

Havre de Grace Police Department: PFC Aaron Sandruck, 16 arrests*; PFC Jonathan Sova, 14 arrests*; PFC Brian Daniels, nine arrests*; Ofc. Marcus Rodriquez, eight arrests*; and PFC Anthony Molesky, six arrests.

Aberdeen Police Department: Ofc. Michael Cobb, 61 arrests*; Ofc. Charles Armetta, 19 arrests*; Ofc. Jeanette Giganti, 16 arrests*; Ofc Michael Yeagy, eight arrests with Aberdeen and two arrests with sheriff's office; and Sgt. Dan Gosnell, five arrests.

Bel Air Police Department: Cpl. Robert Pfarr, 37 arrests*; Ofc. William E. Salvas, 10 arrests; Ofc. Sergio D'Alto, seven arrests*; Ofc. J. W. Kauffman, seven arrests*; and Ofc. Timothy Roberts, six arrests.

Harford County Sheriff's Office: DFC Michael Stambaugh, 32 arrests*; DFC Shane Fraser, 30 arrests*; DFC Mark Pilachowski, 19 arrests*; DFC Bryan Walker, 12 arrests; DFC Ron Dawson, 11 arrests*; DFC Grant Krulock, 11 arrests.

"We make the awards at this time of the year with so many celebrations taking place to remind folks that dealing with drunk drivers is a major priority," Cassilly said.

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