Maryland earns top grade for taxes in new report. Say what?

May 31, 2011|By Eileen Ambrose

Marylanders often complain — correctly — about their state’s high tax rate. But a new report by the Council On State Taxation gives Maryland an A-, the highest among the 50 states, for tax administration.

COST rated states on a variety of factors: efficient filing procedures, fair property tax appeals (including whether the appeals are handled by an independent tribunal) and uniform tax base and rates, meaning the tax burden doesn’t fall disproportionately on businesses.

No other state received an A, or A- for that matter. Florida ranked No. 2 with a B+. And New York — at the bottom — was the only state that got an F.

So the bottom line, Marylanders: Even if your tax rate is high, the administrative part of the whole taxing process is high caliber. (I think I would prefer lower taxes.)

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