Young Patriots celebrate Memorial Day at West Towson Elementary

  • At left, West Towson Elementary fourth grader Olivia folds a flag with Capt. Vernon Garner with the 58th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, after the school's Memorial Day Assembly Friday morning. Students sang patriotic songs, received awards and flags for the essays and posters for their civics studies in the school's Patriot and Defender Program.
At left, West Towson Elementary fourth grader Olivia folds… (Photo by Karen Jackson )
May 29, 2011

Students at West Towson Elementary School participated in a Memorial Day assembly on Friday, May 27. Part of the school's Patriot and Defender Program, the school's event celebrated American spirit with songs, readings and awards.

All grades at the school spent six weeks learning about American history, geography and civics as part of the Patriot and Defender Program.

Students who complete the program were recognized Friday by local delegates and dignitaries from the American Legion and the Daughters of the American Revolution, as well school officials. Additionally, winners of the program's essay and poster contest will be announced.

This year's theme is "My American Hero" in which students wrote or illustrated about an inspirational American with whom they have a personal connection.

A Wall of Valor was also on display honoring all West Towson family members who have served in the military.

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