Chesapeake Bay health risk: pollution from pesticides, fertilizer and chicken manure

May 28, 2011

If you live along the Patapsco River, Sparrows Point, Bear Creek or Coke Point you and your family are paying with your health ("Port authorities find health risks near Sparrows Point," May 23).

These four areas are overwhelmingly contaminated to the point where people and wildlife are at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

Benzene is only one of many chemical contaminates in our waters; there are also high levels of arsenic from chicken manure, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Gov. Martin O'Malley needs to hold the biggest polluters accountable for their actions and enforce stronger regulations to protect the Chesapeake.

The families who are affected by these chemicals aren't paying with money. They're paying with their lives. Can we really wait to sort this out later?

Joshua M. Wren, Baltimore

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