Global warming: not unusual, not man-made

May 28, 2011

I have carefully read and digested Erica Fuhrmeister's piece on geoengineering ("Fight climate change through geoengineering" May 26 )The thrust of her comments is on various ways to combat "global warming," which is neither man-made nor under man's control. Once again you have used valuable space on your editorial commentary pages in an attempt to misinform the public concerning the disproved "global warming" concept. Indeed, the climate is continuing to cool and warm in cycles, as it always does. The changes which we have witnessed in the last century are all within the range of similar episodes over the last millennium.

The much-touted "consensus" of climate scientists has been proven to be the work of a small group of men working on government grants. The fact that you have obtained and published the writings of a starry-eyed undergraduate instead of an expert on the subject should warn you that only misinformed people would write such drivel. The last two decades of scientific research have proven that "global warming" is not an unusual phenomenon and should not be addressed as man-made or under man's control.

The current focus on carbon dioxide has nearly run its course, as it has been clearly shown that it is not harmful. In fact, the slight increase in its tiny concentration will assist agriculture and help to feed the starving people of the world. More important is the fact that all methods of reducing carbon dioxide would quickly impoverish the world without making the slightest difference.

I believe The Sun should exercise better judgment in its selection of editorial material. Your readers will be misinformed by your insistence on "global warming," and you owe them correct information.

Edward B. Boyle, Jr.

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