North Baltimore City to Baltimore County Traffic Snarl

May 28, 2011|By Kathy Hudson

One of these days it would be great if city and county would coordinate street repair. Traffic downtown has been snarled for months, and on Friday much of North Baltimore was in gridlock.
It took me 45 minutes to go from our house, near the corner of Cold Spring Lane and Roland Avenue, to Mount Washington Village.
Earlier in the day, when driving home from swimming laps at
Meadowbrook, I had seen northbound Falls Road backed up from Lake Avenue almost to Northern Parkway. Some sort of roadwork was happening north of the Kelly Avenue Bridge. When I had to go to Mount Washington, I decided not to go that way, but to go north on Roland Avenue to Bellemore Road.  Bad idea. VERY bad idea.
Roland Avenue north of Northern Parkway was closed for resurfacing. I was forced to turn right onto eastbound Northern Parkway towards Charles Street, completely the opposite direction from Mount Washington. I snaked through Chatham and The Orchards to Lake Avenue, where traffic was bumper-to-bumper, both east and westbound. It took me 25 minutes to go from
Bryn Mawr School to Lake Avenue and Falls Road, and this was an hour before schools had let out for the day. I hate to think what it was like for parents trying to pick up their kids at 3:30.
When I finally reached Falls Road, it took another 10 minutes to go south from Lake Avenue to the Kelly Avenue Bridge. More roadwork was being done on Falls Road.
About an hour later, I had to go to Rodgers Forge. Charles Street has been under construction for weeks, so I allowed myself 30 minutes and still went the back roads. I carefully avoided backed-up Northern Parkway, Lake Avenue and Charles Street and arrived at my destination early instead of being a half hour late as I had been for an appointment in Mount Washington.

Unless that Falls Road construction was an emergency, I cannot understand why Roland Avenue, Charles Street and Falls Road all had to be under construction at the same time. 

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