Maryland 1st District needs a Kathy Hochul

May 27, 2011

We need a Kathy Hochul in Maryland's 1st District. She is the Democratic winner in the 26th District special election in New York, a traditionally Republican seat in Congress. She defeated Jane Corwin on an important issue: saving Medicare.

We are stuck with Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st District until 2012.

I believe there must be a candidate in this huge district that covers some of Baltimore, Cecil, Harford counties and part of the Eastern Shore that could duplicate what Kathy Hochul accomplished. We need someone who has the interests of seniors, women's health care and a clean Chesapeake Bay as his/her top priority. We need someone who will not be beholden to the special interests of medical groups, gas and coal, and Citizens United, just to name a few.

Dr. Harris has cast his vote with the Republican agenda. He has admitted that he supports Rep. Paul Ryan's bill to privatize/personalize Medicare. But, he also has co-sponsored bills that would deny women their constitutional right to privacy in their doctor's office. He has no qualms about allowing non-residents selling guns at gun shows in Maryland. And he would like to limit lawsuits against those in the medical profession. Is any of this surprising?

We need a strong, down to earth individual who will put the people and the unique needs of the 1st District first! There's got to be someone out there to fill this bill!

Janice Likens

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