Maryland has one of the strongest craft markets in the country

May 27, 2011

I was glad to see The Baltimore Sun recognizes the challenges facing the thousands of craft artists seeking viable outlets for their talent ("Creative outlets: 'Art incubators' provide shelf space and business guidance in tough times," May 24).

As a national organization that champions crafts, the American Craft Council provides resources, tools, opportunities and systems to assist artists in establishing and sustaining successful businesses.

Maryland's craft market is one of the strongest in the country. Each year more than 20,000 people visit the American Craft Council Show at the Baltimore Convention Center to experience the art of more than 700 artists, dozens of whom are from Maryland.

Attendance at this year's show increased by 7 percent, which indicates that more people are supporting the craft movement. And local organizations that support artists, such as Charm City Craft Mafia and the Arts Business Institute, are proving to be excellent resources for local artists.

Marylanders are fortunate to have such talented artists and top-notch resources.

Chris Amundsen

The writer is executive director of the American Craft Council.

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