Microcosm represented by Main Street Festival is 'melting pot'

May 27, 2011

This is in response to the letter "Main Street Festival attracted 'microcosm' of American society" (Leader, May 19). The "microcosm" you speak of is the melting pot. Laurel is an all-inclusive town and at least for my 44 years, Laurel has represented itself that way. The different events hosted by the town attract many of the townies. I don't always go to the Main Street Festival, but I have been on hand several times. The aimless, shiftless group have always been there and will probably continue. You are I both wish everyone was in the 20 percent group you wrote about.

Laurel has grown and adjusted so much since 1968 that you can't help but notice the parts you really don't particularly care for. The population of the town has grown and that is what you are seeing at the big, town events. I would like to point out, though, that the Laurel Police Department has not changed in my 44 years. You may not have noticed any of the officers at the Main Street Festival but every single member of the team was there. I saw them.

Laurel is growing sometimes very painfully and things do not always look rosy and clean. Life is never perfect even when it is perfect. The only thing I am saying is please do not judge the town by the people you see at these events. Laurel is still great even if not so obvious now. In just a few years Laurel, will be back to the town we all know.

Garry FitzGerald II


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