Israel knows better than Obama how to keep itself safe

May 26, 2011

After reading your editorial on President Obama's remarks on Israel ("Obama's un-radical Israel policy," May 24), I wondered if the entire Sun editorial staff lives in a gated community.

For Israel to cede its borders to a Palestinian state is like protecting your house by locking the bedroom door and totally disregarding the open windows and unlocked front door.

During my lifetime I have seen Israel make one concession after another in the spirit of peace, only to have them taken for weakness or exploited through acts of terrorism and war. Even today, Palestinians are calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent speech to Congress an act of war.

Would you give the convicts in a halfway house next door free reign to come into your house, or permit them to commit any illegal acts they pleased? Israel shouldn't be expected to make the biggest concessions after all of its smaller ones have gone unreciprocated.

Yes, the United States is Israel's best friend. But that doesn't mean Israel should take our advice to its own detriment. Only Israel knows what is best for its continued existence.

Michael W. Kohlman, Parkville

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