Catholic church will never allow married priests

May 26, 2011

Edward McCarey McDonnell must not be aware that the Catholic church hierarchy has banned all discussion of a married priesthood or the ordination of women ("Abuse not a product of culture but church policy," May 24).

Bishop William Morris of Australia sent a pastoral letter to the priests of his diocese noting that discussions of a married priesthood had been occurring and that perhaps they should continue. Despite the severe shortage of priests in Australia, Bishop Morris was removed from his position for even suggesting such a dialogue.

It is very clear that any discussion of other options will be banned and bring serious consequences.

I cannot envision any circumstance under which Baltimore Archbishop Edwin O'Brien would lead the way to advocate a married clergy.

Charles F. Ernst, Lansdowne

The writer is a member of the leadership team of St. Charles of Brazil, an independent Catholic Apostolic Church in North America.

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