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May 26, 2011

Submitting sports results

The deadline for submitting sports copy is 9 a.m. on Mondays. We prefer email ( We do not accept results by phone. When two Howard County teams play, players from both teams (first and last names) must be mentioned in the write-up. Questions? Call 410-332-6578.


Western Howard County Fever

WHC Fever '98 (12-U) finished second of 16 teams in the USSSA Back Eyed Susan 12-U Tournament last weekend. The team had a tough battle with the Diamond State (Del.) Swoop in the championship game and came up just a bit short.

The success in the Black Eyed Susan is a result of outstanding hitting by Kellie Schinzel, Emily Dowdall, Alex Cisar, Stephanie Bluhm, Kiley Sweeney and Meghan Jacobs, stellar defense by Miranda Thompson, Casey Magersupp and Carly Clarke and tremendous pitching by Emily Fitzsimmons and Lexi Trail.

By finishing second, the WHC Fever '98 has now earned yet another berth to another World Series event. The team is now qualified for both the 12-U "A" and 12-U "B" World Series along with the ASA Nationals.


Maryland Juniors

On May 14, the Maryland Juniors 14 Regional Yellow team won the Maryland Juniors 14s tournament. They went 3-1 in pool play and finished second which qualified them for the championship match.

In the championshp match, they won, 2-0, against the Vienna Elite 14 team, the same team they had lost to in three games in pool play. Members of the team are Hannah Lee, Natalia Banks, Paige Smith, Tara Tronetti, Holly Thomas, Carly Kempler, Amanda Hough, Hannah Larsen Allia Mostafa.


Howard County Striders

Sixteen teams, most with punny names, came out to compete in the Howard County Striders all fruit relay 4x2-mile relay May 22 at Oakland Mills Middle School. Every team was required to use a fruit baton to pass between team members. There were coconuts, pineapples, lemons, limes, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, kiwis, dragonfruits (one team had dragon tails), even a fruit loop necklace flying around the Oakland Mills neighborhood.

The Lovely Bunch of Coconuts finished first, carrying not one, but two coconuts.

Results: 1. Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (Carlos Renjifo, Mark Bushman, Andrew Madison), 42:36; 2. Is it a fruit or not? (Brian Fleming, Seth Geohagan, Dave Goldberg), 46:19; 3. Delicious Green Banana (Luis Diaz, Michael Dusenbery, David Jun, Leonard Supsic), 48:19; 4. Team Dominate (J.P. Allera, John Henderson, John Briguglio, Travis Boccher), 48:36; 5. Oxidate (John Chall, Tasha Hogan, Greg Hogan, Stephanie Cummins), 49:47.

6. Fresh Pace (Grant Stadler, Michael Shing, Eliot Fenton, Marshall Demare), 55:59; 7. Kiwi will rock you (Greg Lepore, Marc Burger, Alan Tominack, Mike Mbugi), 57:17; 8. Puff the magic Dragonfruit (Chris Farmer, Amanda An, Mike Fleming, Robert Blanco), 58:25; 9. Fruit Loops (Judity Weber, Marsha Demaree, Meredith Olson, Becky Holtz), 1:02:30; 10. Blimey! (Patty Swank, Chris Hardy, Jeff Ward, Amanda Gorski), 1:04:15.

11. Dragonfruit tails (Debbie Sharp, Jenny Blysma, Faye Weaver, Cecelia Murach), 1:06:09; 12. Clockwork Orange (John Way, Stanley Way, Karen Harvey, Ron Weber), 1:07:27; 13. Lean, Green and Mean (Jeanne Larrison, Kirk Gordon, James Scarborough, John Wheatland), 1:11:05; 14. Thompson (Don Thompson, Mary Thompson, Scott Thompson, Bridget Thompson), 1:15:25; 15. Muma (Lauren Muma, Jake Muma, Eileen Muma), 1:23:10.

16. Lovely Lemons (Colleen Craney, Morgan Craney), 1:23:11.

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