The 'boom goes the dynamite' guy finds 'Web Redemption'

May 25, 2011|By Matt Vensel

When it comes to viral videos, the "boom goes the dynamite" guy was a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer. The video of Brian Collins, then an overwhelmed college sports broadcaster who bombed in epic fashion, has been viewed more than six millions times since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2005.

My college buddies and I were probably responsible for at least one million of those hits, and his classic catchphrase -- "and boom goes the dynamite" -- has been a part of my lexicon ever since.

So imagine my delight Tuesday night when Collins made an appearance in the "Web Redemption" segment on the Comedy Central show "Tosh.0." Collins is still in the broadcasting business, and his determination to stick with it after his disastrous debut spot went viral is pretty admirable.

I won't spoil the whole video for you in case you feel like watching it on your lunch break, but Collins revealed the origin of "boom goes the dynamite." Apparently -- like pretty much all amazing things in this world -- it was dreamt up during a heated game of "Super Mario Kart."

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