2 victims in triple shooting were juveniles, sources say

At least one victim shot in head, city police say

May 25, 2011|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore City police were on the scene of a triple shooting Tuesday night in Northeast Baltimore.

Investigators reported that three male victims were shot just after 10 p.m., and at least one was hit in the head. The shootings occurred in the 1700 block of Clifton Ave. near Clifton Park, and after 11 p.m., police officers in uniform and plain clothes were scouring the street and a rowhouse porch for shell casings.

A source said two of the victims were believed to be juveniles. Homicide detectives were called, though there was no word on the victims' conditions.

Neighbors said they heard the shots and looked around for their own children before seeing the victims taken away in ambulances.

"It's all too common," said one 27-year-old resident of nearby 25th Street who declined to give his name. "We just had this police shooting on Harford Road."

A second man, 53, who also said he was a lifelong resident of the neighborhood, said he has a 17-year-old and 18-year-old at home. "First you look around for your kids" when you hear shots fired. He emphasized that not all youths in the area were troubled. "A lot of the kids are going to college around here," he said. "We need to find some jobs for them."

The triple shooting occurred just down the block from the Mount Hebron Baptist Church, where East 25th meets Clifton Avenue and becomes North Wolfe Street.

City police reported another shooting an hour earlier just a few blocks away. A man was shot in the arm and leg in the 1700 block of Montpelier St., just off Harford Road, investigators said. Police could not say whether the incidents were related.


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