Shootings make memorial a crime scene

May 25, 2011

I'm a seventeen year old student who attends Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. I was intrigued by the article "Two injured near memorial to 6-year-old child who was killed by gunfire in 1991" (May 14). The memorial is a transfer point on the bus I catch to and from school every day and had just been redecorated less than two weeks ago. This is an awful tragedy because the memorial symbolizes the life of a young girl named Tiffany Smith who was killed by a stray bullet. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had just made the memorial a landmark in Baltimore, and already another crime has overshadowed the good in it.

The worst part about the story is most people have lost the main issue at hand, which is Tiffany Smith's memorial being another crime scene. It's bad enough a six year old girl died there but others have also been injured there as well. Tiffany Smith's resting place should be an area where people can remember her and feel the warmth and memories of an innocent little girl. Crimes should not still be happening in that neighborhood after what has already taken place. I feel bad for the family of this young girl because the one good thing that has come from the death of Tiffany is now over shadowed.

Baltimore should take more precautions in the city as a whole. The city has become more and more unsafe as time goes on. Shootings have become an everyday thing in the city because so many occur in such short periods of time. As a community we should feel safe, not frightened by certain neighborhoods in our town. The detrimental damage tragedies like this have on families, people, communities, and memorials is unprecedented.

Shania Bell, Baltimore

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