Christian beliefs should not be mocked — even after the rapture that wasn't

May 25, 2011

I found the recent "end of the world" coverage a complete mockery of Christianity. First of all, the "predictors" have not fully read their scriptures as "no one knows the day or hour." It shall come as a "thief in the night." If no one knows the day or hour, how can a mere arrogant human being predict the end of the world?

On the flip side, I was quite annoyed at the way people made fun of these predictions by placing clothing on the sidewalk and laughing and making snide comments about the rapture. This is serious business and not to be treated lightly.

It is a sad commentary on our Christian belief system that both believers and unbelievers can miss the mark so badly. When the time comes, the Lord will decide and what can we do? Live our lives in faith and love and be spiritually ready.

Wendy Stevens, Jarrettsville

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