Jack works Vegas

Council president finds little fun, big python on trip to Sin City

May 25, 2011|By Laura Vozzella

Don’t be fooled by the photo of the python and bikini-clad lady curled up on the couch. Vegas was all work, no play for City Council President Jack Young.

Young, who long considered the annual Vegas shoppingcenter convention a junket, attended for the first time Sunday and Monday.

“I thought it was a lot of fun and games; no fun and games,” Young told me Wednesday. “I used to criticize those types of trips. It’s work. Maybe 45 minutes, maybe less than that, you have a chance to sit down and eat, and even then you’re talking to developers.”

Young said he spend his two days in Vegas talking to representatives of Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter and other retailers interested in expanding in Baltimore.

So what about the python picture that Sun reporter Julie Scharper kindly alerted me to on the council president’s Facebook page?

All in the course of doing municipal business, Young assured me.

“I was on my way to a meeting, and saw this, and I said, ‘Wow,' 'cause I'm scared of snakes.”

Young said he's scared of flying, too. He’d only been on short flights before Vegas. But even a little turbulence on the way back to Baltimore won’t deter him from visiting Vegas again.

“I never contemplated going because I’m afraid of flying,” he said. “Flying is quick, quicker than driving, and quicker than catching a bus.”

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