Time to review American policy toward Israel

May 24, 2011

The recent developments in the Middle East, the statements of the U.S. President on necessity to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issues, and the many articles published in The Baltimore Sun have urged me to speak up.

I have been personally involved in some of these issues; I was in Israel during the 1967 war and later too. I have seen and participated in the life of many Israeli people. I have also seen the misery of the Palestinians caused by people like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After providing billions of dollars and other support, it is time to realistically review and even reverse the American policies toward Israel in the frame of international efforts for peace and democracy. President Obama has chosen the proper way. Nobody, including Mr. Netanyahu, should force America to continue walking the way of contradiction and destruction. President Obama represents the majority of the American people and the free world!

Barry L. Goldstein, Baltimore

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